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Friday, June 14

Review: Hell, Fire, & Freedom by Shannon Callahan

Title: Hell, Fire, & Freedom
By: Shannon Callahan
My Copy: Ebook from Author
BookWhisperer Rating:

For the last five years, Brynn Langley has lived her own version of Hell on Earth. Married to her abusive husband, Carl, in an attempt to give her sister a better life than the one she had, she’s finally reached her breaking point. Escaping is the only way to save her life. Can she find the freedom she’s dreamed of forever, or will everything go up in smoke?
Blaze Prescott, one of New York’s finest, falls hard and fast for Brynn, the beautiful brunette he meets in the coffee shop. He knows there’s more to her story than what she’s letting on, but can he handle Brynn’s past and give her hope for a brighter future, or is the heat too much for even this sexy firefighter to handle?

From my first glimpse at this I just had to check it out. All the intensity and danger was what I expected to be a sure sign of excellence. Although, I was very disappointed once I really delved into the story. First, I must say that Brynn was a very impressive character that readers will sympathize with immediately. She is not a whiner, nor is she ridiculously stupid and putting herself in harms way. Actually, she is the opposite and will find anyway to stay in the shadows and safe. So, why would a character such as herself put herself in this position to begin with. Yes, she had nothing. Yes, she was young, but my thoughts are that if you are truly used to scrapping by in the streets as white trash. Wouldn't you know quite a bit about this kind of danger and lifestyle. More importantly wouldn't you be used to seeing these kind of monster's, and not drop yourself in ones lap. Even if I overlooked the fact that she allowed herself to say in this dangerous situation; I still have to look at the later stories relationship. While Blaze is a good guy if you have spent years getting the crap beat out of you I just don't feel that you are going to be so accepting of a guy. Most importantly here, I don't see you having a relationship that you follow the man lead again.

This was by no means a terrible story, but I just think it needed a little more work to have been enjoyable, adventurous, and realistic. It takes all of these components to make an amazing story, and I think this author has tremendous potential.

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