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Saturday, January 19

Review: Poker Face by Adriana Law

Poker Face

Title: Poker Face

By: Adriana Law

Series: Poker Face Book 1

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

Megan has been offered the opportunity to prove she’s more than a pretty face. Drew Mackenzie is hell bent on ruining that opportunity, making him her number one enemy. He couldn’t be any further from her type, but something about him gets under her skin and stays there. Is it the annoying way he looks at her as if he might kiss her at any moment, or is it that arrogant chuckle that irritates her? One thing’s for certain…he’s the last guy she ever wanted or expected to fall in love with.
Drew has spent a lifetime avoiding being anything like his womanizing father. Hell, that's why he moved away, to get out from under the man's control. But Megan stirs an all-consuming desire within him that’s difficult to ignore: the alpha male inside him wants to claim her, take her to his bed and unleash years of pent up sexual desire, but if he does… his father wins, in more ways than one.

our thoughts

I don't really know what I was expecting when I picked up this book, but DAMN! I never anticipated the amount of emotional baggage and heart break that this story holds. Megan is a spoiled brat; that even I wanted to smack in the beginning. Although, as the layers begin to unfold I was mesmerized by her character, and the down home girl that she can really be. Drew, on the other hand, is all rogue cowboy. Really who wouldn't absolutely love every minute of that? I was captivated by these two and their  budding relationship. All of these story is about that honest to goodness fine line between love and hate. Until they slide right over to love then desperation sets in with all of its obstacles. When your desperate not to love, not be like your father, not to give in to this stupid bet it is easy to overlook what you already know. That you are a sucker, because you love her more than life itself. So what do you do? The one and only thing absolutely guarantee that you no longer have the option to love her. Only this was a flawless plan if it didn't involve matters of the heart.

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