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Saturday, January 19

Review: Deadman’s Bluff by Adriana Law

deadmans bluff

Title: Deadman’s Bluff

By: Adriana Law

Series: Poker #2

My Copy: Ebook from Amazon

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“You haunted my dreams every night. No matter how much I drank and tried to convince myself what I felt for you was nothing, it was the furthest thing from nothing I’ll ever feel.” Drew, DMB
Megan always thought he would come after her. When he didn’t, it broke her heart and trust. Only a fool would willingly open themselves up again to someone so cold and incapable of love.
Life has taught Drew that needing will only lead to disappointment. After rejecting Meg and forcing her out of his life, Drew needs Meg now more than ever to pick up the pieces of his shattered existence.
But Megan has her own shattered existence to deal with. Engaged to a decent man and surviving one of the hardest tests of faith in her life, Megan is in no position to play a fool with her heart, but Drew has only one agenda and that is to call Meg’s bluff. Laying out all his cards, Drew relies on their undeniable connection to reignite their passion and prove to Megan that he can love her wholly and be what she needs.

our thoughtsEven better than Poker Face!!! Drew had managed to screw everything up royally. Dead Man's Bluff picks up two years following the conclusion of Book one. Two years of pain and grief for not only the lost love, but her life that been turned upside down. The only bright side currently would be the hunky doctor that is appears Megan is engaged too. Although, underhandedly they will find themselves in the same place all over again. This could be proof they are two of the most unlucky people in the world, or it just might be fates way of giving them a second chance. This book as incorporates Christopher, aka Mr. Blackstone, that I just happen to be quite fond of. I must say that it is obvious that their will be a book three, and the turn of events in this book have been eager to jump right in it. Poker Face was an incredible good book, but I have to say that I liked this book more. Maybe it was the ability to tug at my heart strings, or maybe it is the fact that with Megan situation is was not all about lust and love; but also realistic situations of life. This was incredibly good, and I can not wait for more.

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