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Sunday, December 16

Review: 31 Kisses by Chautona Havig

31 kisses

Title: 31 Kisses

By: Chautona Havig

My Copy: Ebook from Amazon

BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

When one plus one equals thirty-one…

It happens every day.
Guy meets grandpa–and girl.
Guy knocks grandpa off ladder
Guy kisses girl to make it “all better.”
Every day.
For a month.
Just your normal, average, all-American romance…

Meet Chessie and Carson. She goes “all out” for Christmas (and every other holiday including Columbus Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Flag Day); he doesn’t own a single thing that could be considered decorative–unless you count the stickers he stuck to his dresser back when he was three.

Neither of them have ever had a serious relationship; both are opposed to frivolous expressions of affection. How on earth did they get tangled up in a “kiss-a-day-during-December” pact?

our thoughts finl

Who wanted to read a cute holiday story for Christmas? I did!  31 Kisses was a feel good kind of book.  At the beginning, you are introduced to Gumpy (Chessie’s grandfather) at the grocery store shopping for food and wondering if any man that passes by would be good for his granddaughter, who is absolutely blunt with her words.  It might be a turn off to most men but not to Carson, who strikes up a deal with Chessie, one kiss for 31 days.

This Christian book was charming.  I found that I really liked Carson and Gumpy for their tenderness and their ability to handle Chessie (she was a bit much for me.)  This book showed the struggles of a two Christians on how they perceived their relationship and their relationship with God.  Havig kept the plot interesting by not making the story all about Carson and Chessie.  As the reader, you also get to each character’s family and all the drama that life throws at them. 

31 Kisses was a good, clean book.  It is definitely not a book that you have to hide while you are at work.

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