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Saturday, November 3

Review: Sangria Nights Mark and Lacy by Beverly Cialone

sangria nights mark and lacy

Title: Sangria Nights Mark and Lacy

Series Part 2

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

Welcome back to Willow Bay, home of the sexy twins Luke and Mark, their cousin Marissa and their beautiful girlfriends, Lara and Lacy. On the day of her wedding to Luke, Lara discovers she is pregnant. The only question is, who is the father? A forbidden tryst with her fiance's brother means that Lara will struggle with this question right up to the birth of the baby, and even afterwards. As secrets are shared and hearts are broken, it all falls apart for the once-happy family and friends in this, the second book of the Sangria Nights trilogy.

our thoughts finl

I love how book play a movie in my mind. Sangria Nights I would have to say is not much of a movie, but more like a day time soap opera. One that you just have to continue watching. Lara and Mark find their selves in quite a predicament with an unexpected pregnancy. Mark’s determination not to hurt his identical twin combined with his love for Lara safety leads him to the acceptance of a life that he may pose as Uncle to his own child. As he is building his relationship with Lacy; it appears the tables have turned, and he finds himself in the same uncomfortable situation as Lacy as experienced through the entire last book. This is very troubling story, and betrayal is consistently laying right around the corner. I was completely, and utterly shocked with the conclusion of this story. It is was a punch to the gut, and totally changed everything that I had come to accept about characters, and the atmosphere of the story. It leaves you questioning everything, and wondering where the story could possibly go from here. The overall story alone is very provocative and questionable, and the ending I believe almost pushed me over the edge. While I have spent this series in captivation, and determination to know how it all ends. I must sit back after the second installment, and really determine how well I like the story in general. The minor problems that I noticed through out the first book were not nearing as evident in this book, but occasionally were still present. It appears that the author is advancing in her writing capabilities, and expect more to come in book three.

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