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Friday, November 16

Review: Confession of an Alli Cat by Courtney Cole

confessions of an alli cat

Title: Confessions of an Alli Cat

By: Courtney Cole

Series: The Cougar Chronicles #1

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

five books

Thirty-five year-old Allison “Alli” Lancaster has it all—a fabulous job, a beautiful 15 year-old daughter, a hilarious BFF and a gorgeous house with a pool and Jacuzzi in an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood. What she doesn’t have is a husband, because she kicked her lousy, cheating ex to the curb nine months ago. Since then, Alli has paid her dues with seemingly endless self-improvement and seemingly endless mourning. Now she’s ready to move on and try new things.

Alli’s idea of “trying new things” is nothing like that devil-of-a-best-friend of hers. Somehow, Sara, the devil of a best friend, talks Alli into trying out a sex toy, sleeping with a younger man and letting a stranger in a lab jacket put hot wax on a place that should never, ever, ever see wax. And that’s only the beginning.

Alli never saw her life going quite like this. She also never thought she’d meet someone else who had the very real potential to change her life forever.

But she did.

Enter the new guy. He’s gorgeous, refined and mature. He’s also marriage material. But that poses a problem for Alli, who renounced the institution of marriage when she renounced her ex.

What’s a girl to do?

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what the heck happens when you can’t leave Vegas? Well, you spin the wheel, of course. You play the game and let the chips fall where they may.

Alli just hopes she can find them all.

our thoughts finl

Hilarious! This whole book had me laughing from page one straight through to the very last page. Alli is just like most woman when life seems to take over. When we no longer recognize ourselves because the mundane tasks of being a mother, wife, and career woman take over every aspect of our lives. Alli is at this point; she no longer even recognizes herself anymore. At a moments notice her life is completely uprooted when she uncovers her husband infidelity has spanned the majority of their 15 years married. He suddenly becomes downgraded from husband to "Rick the Dick". This leaves her at a crossroads, and Alli must decide if she is going to take back her life or continue to let it rule her unhappy world. With the help of Sarah she grabs life by the "balls" it is a humorous and embarrassing journey, but I loved every minute of it. This story will make you laugh, snicker, and blush with every page. The overall journey to "crazy town" is a story that mothers/wives will enjoy if you have the ability to accept it as the FUN story that it is. This was an incredible start for a series, and I am on board to finished it out. If every other book is half as good as this debut novel it will be one hell of a series.

Name Plate Jackie

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