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Saturday, September 8

Review: My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me by Hilary Winston

Title: My Boyfriend Wrote a Book 
              About Me
By: Hilary Winston
Publisher: Sterling Publishing 
(May 3rd, 2011)
My Copy: Borrowed from a Friend
BookWhisperer Rating:
4 Books

More About the Story:

TV writer Hilary Winston offers up a witty collection of autobiographical tales about her misadventures in dating.

Just when Hilary feels like her life is finally in order, she gets a sucker-punch to the gut: Her ex has written a novel based on their relationship in which he refers to her throughout as the “fat-assed girlfriend.”  Her response to this affront is just on of the many hilarious stores in “My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me”—a laugh-out-loud, tell-all in which Hilary sets the record straight on all her exes.
Where do I begin with this book?  I guess the beginning will suffice.  My friend handed me this book and said, “You need to read this.  I have laughed non-stop throughout the whole thing.”  And she was right! 

Hilary dishes out the sad, the glad, the despicable, and the praises on all of her ex-boyfriends.  She is completely honest (to a fault) in the book and she leaves out nothing.  There were times when I was reading this that I thought, “I would never EVER tell anyone this.  I could keep it a secret and lock it up really tight.  So tight, that I wouldn’t even remember that it happened to me.”  An example would be how she broke her vagina. 

I laughed so hard sometimes at her stories and then I cried so hard sometimes at the others.  She writes about a life that I would honestly think could only happen in someone’s imagination; but she has lived it. 

I applaud Hilary for being so forthcoming in her honesty and her wit. 
 P.S. If you read this book and you like it, check out Elna Baker’s “The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance.”


Nina said...

Lol. The cover alone and the title is pretty hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

Nina, if you like the cover then you should really check it out. She doesn't hold back...on anything. You feel like you really could be her best friend after reading it because you know so much about her.