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Friday, August 24

Review: For Always by Danielle Sibarium

Title: For Always
By: Danielle Sibarium
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
BookWhisperer Rating:

About the Book:
You never really get over your first love. Such is the case for fourteen-year-old Stephanie Barrano, self-proclaimed misfit and death magnet. A freshman in high school, Stephanie is befriended by Jordan Brewer, a hot, in-demand senior, who pulls her from the outer circle of obscurity into the realm of acceptance. Jordan quickly works his way into Stephanie’s heart. He’s her everything. And the only person she trusts with the truth about her father’s death. But he won’t act on the strong feelings he has for her. Stephanie vows to wait for him, knowing in time she’ll win his heart.

Two months before her eighteenth birthday, Jordan serves as an impromptu prom date. After sharing a magical evening, Jordan leaves Stephanie with the promise of a future together. Then tragedy strikes. Jordan not only shuts Stephanie out, he also blames her for what happened. Feeling broken and beaten, will she try one last time to get through to Jordan or will she lose him forever?

This was a really hard one to review! I really liked the characters, and the longevity of the romance building between Jordan and Stephanie. This was a young adult novel, and it was a glimpse of pure young love. Romance readers will melt with the growing bond between these two main characters. As a story this was as far as my raving could go. As much as I wanted to love this story it just seemed to be lacking the power and intensity that seemed to be simmering under the surface. The constant tug of war for Jordan and Stephanie was a very luring aspect in the beginning, but as the story progressed I found this to be frustrating and overwhelming with the slow and steady pace. Closing in on the conclusion things seemed to pick up as the plot thickens, but at this point I think it was a bit too late. I found myself with a sense of confusion at a couple points in the story. For example, Stephanie's friend was an enigma to me. At first it appeared as though this girl was a horrible friend. Never caring about her friends feeling, and only out to guarantee happiness for number one. Then all of a sudden it appeared to shift when she was not angry about Steph's feelings for Jordan. Then, only to have it questioned again when Jordan and Steph are no longer getting along. So in the end, I am just as conflicted as I started. Is this girl a true friend, or is she really the selfish and conceited person that I was portraying through the pages? It was very confusing and misleading at times. With a combination of the length, pace, and uncurtaining this left a lot to be desired. With some much potential I really wished I would have liked this story better.

~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~

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