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Thursday, May 10

Review: Sudden Independent by Ted Hill

sudden independents
Title: Sudden Independents
By: Ted Hill
Released: July 5th, 2011
My Copy: Ebook provided by the Author
BookWhisperer Rating:
4 button copy
About the Book:
Jimmy never thought he’d be spending the apocalypse farming in Nebraska and worrying about Hunter. But when the plague killed their parents, along with everyone over the age of seventeen, Jimmy suddenly became head of the household.
Then the oldest kid in town turned eighteen and the plague chased him down. Now Jimmy has one more thing to worry about—and he’s running out of time.
Hunter finds a little girl named Catherine under a cottonwood tree in the middle of nowhere. When Catherine magically heals Hunter’s broken arm, Jimmy hopes he will survive his eighteenth birthday if he can protect her from the horseman responsible for unleashing the plague.
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A plague has swept the nation (and possible world) killing everyone eighteen years of age and older.  The kids that are left behind are determined to man up and keep on living as best as they can.  Jimmy, a seventeen year old, is a council member of a town called “Independents” and his soul goal is to provide for the children under him and beat the plague that is knocking at his door.  When his brother Hunter returns to town with a small girl named Catherine, he realizes that his prayers may be answered.  Although no one knows how, Catherine has the ability to heal making her a poplar person in the town. But Independents isn’t the only town that wants Catherine for her healing powers. 
I am just going to be honest and say that I really liked “Sudden Independents.”  It has a little bit of something that everyone could enjoy and relate to: family trouble, spats, jealousy, violence, fast cars/motorcycles, action, forgiveness, danger, hatred, and love.  And you will find that because of all of these categories are present; you will be wrapped up into the story line almost immediately.  I kept promising myself that I would finish a chapter and then go do something constructive other than reading and I just couldn’t do it.  I had to know what was going to happen next.  Hill makes you really feel for his characters and you want the absolute best for them, you want them to strive to survive.  I will say that this book may not be some people’s “cup of tea” but it was certainly mine. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer MC~
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Anonymous said...

I agree completely. A good read.

Jake said...

Sounds like one I need to add on reading list. Looking forward to publication. Let us know when Ebook available.