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Tuesday, March 13

"Where to find my Muse" with Callie Kingston

I am proudly participating in the blog tour for Undertow by Callie Kingston. Undertow is intriguing read about just how far the imagination will take you. For more read the book description below, and see the top ten list for where Ms. Kingston finds her inspriation for writing.

By: Callie Kingston
Tell Me More:
Marissa is nearly eighteen and can't wait to leave behind her traumatic past. With long time boyfriend Drake, she thinks she has her future all figured out--until she discovers his betrayal. She flees to a desolate beach on the wild Oregon coast hoping to escape her pain, where, overcome with emotional and physical exhaustion, she dozes off beside a log. When the first icy waves strike her, it is too late: a rogue wave drags her out to sea.
Somehow she survives, and now each night she dreams of a creature who rescues her. Determined to discover the truth, her obsession deepens until she once again risks her life in the frigid ocean. Will the creature Marissa seeks save her? Will she be lost forever in the eddies of her mind, or will Jim, her new boyfriend, keep her from drowning in the abyss?

Where Does Callie find her inspiration for writing such an incredible story. Callie has created a Ten Top List for her favorite locations. Check it out below!

  1. Hiking through the forest, especially if it's misty, which it often is here in the Northwest.
  2. In my hot tub. I seriously zone out with all that steam. Plus, it's in my backyard and surrounded by huge trees.
  3. Driving. The commute is good, but those longer drives along the Columbia river or the Coast Range are even better. Something about the trees . . .
  4. The bedroom. (People, please behave). One of my favorite writing spots is propped in bed. My windows have a wonderful view of . . . you guessed it, huge evergreens.
  5. At the beach. Here in Oregon, much of the coastline, such as at Ecola, feature headlands where the forest overlooks the sea. 
  6. In the bath or shower. Partly steam, partly mindless soaking. One thing missing: trees.
  7. At the coffee shop, sipping a cappuccino. Steam again. Plus caffeine, a brilliant combination.
  8. Walking dogs through the neighborhood. Lots of big trees. It's Oregon, after all.
  9. On the sofa, watching the rain fall. On the trees. Mist is sort of like steam, I guess, or maybe it's the other way around.
  10. Anywhere quiet, peaceful, and near greenery. Lots of that here.
Thank you Callie for taking the time to make up this list, and it has been a pleasure to participate in your tour.

1 comment:

Callie Kingston said...

Thank you for inviting me to hang out with you and your readers today. This was fun!