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Review: Emotionally Charged by Selina Fenech

emotionally charged

Title: Emotionally Charged

By: Selina Fenech

Series: Empath Chronicles Book #1

Published: October 17th, 2011

My Copy: Ebook provided from the Publisher

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About the book:

Livvy always dreamed of the day when a rich, handsome hero would appear and whisk her away from her mundane life. She never thought she would be the one doing the saving.
Reading the emotions of people around her is easy for Livvy. When an earthquake strikes her city, a supernaturally attractive group of rescuers show her that her power goes beyond that. She’s now one of them. Special. But the dream life she’s been swept into seems too easy, and soon turns into a nightmare.

Reviews Plate Emotionally Charged is a young adult Paranormal Romance. The story is about a young girl that discovers she has unique powers, and when she finds a group with the same powers she immediate forms a bond. Although, she quickly learns that they have far more differences than similarities. I have had my eye on this book for some time, but I regretfully did not find this book as exceptional as I would have liked. As a romance I expected a more powerful read, and I hope to see Selina potential  advance in the future. Emotionally Charged is a short and quick fun read. This story will offer a fresh breath into the Paranormal Genre.

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brizmus said...

looks cute - sorry it wasn't all you were hoping for!