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Review: Amaranthine by Leah Crichton


Title: Amaranthine

By: Leah Crichton

Publisher: Crave Books (November 28th, 2011)

My Copy: Review Galley provided from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

four stars

About the book:

Sixteen year-old Ireland Brady is sure she’s losing her mind.
After a horrific car accident leaves her barely clinging to life, she wakes from a coma with a renewed sense of gratitude to a world more surreal than she could have imagined, a world which includes Orion Alexander.
Darkly handsome, Orion is cool and confident and has his sights set on her—something she’s never experienced—and she finds herself falling hopelessly in love. But when Orion’s betrayal sends her straight into the arms of his rival, Damien, things go from bad to worse.
Despite Orion’s warnings, Ireland is attracted to Damien. He’s strong and protective, and harbors an intense dislike for Orion, which makes him… perfect.
But Damien is not one to be crossed.
When all the secrets are revealed, will Ireland trust the boy who broke her heart? Or is she doomed to suffer a fate worse than death?

review plate Amaranthine is a unique and creative story that will grab readers will its twist on the life and death. Ireland is your typical teen age girl that finds herself living her worth nightmare. After her parents decision to move the family; her entire family are in a horrific car accident that leaves her near death. When life changes in a split Ireland finds herself awakening to a new world. The new kid in town always has it struggles, but it is easier to accept on the arm of the most beautiful person you know. As the story unravels nothing is what it seems, and Ireland will be left to make the hardest decision anyone has ever had to make.

This was an incredible story. With the sixth sense feel that will leave readers questioning everything and everyone in this remarkable story. Crichton is a magnificent author that expertly woven a  web of mysteries and secrets that have readers questioning what their own decisions. This is a BookWhisperer Recommended Read!!!


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