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Review: Heroes til Curfew by Susan Bischoff

heroes til curfew

Title: Heroes til Curfew

By: Susan Bischoff

Series: Talents Book 2

Publisher: Self Published September 2011

My Copy: Ebook provided by Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

five stars

About the book:

All Joss wants is to be left alone—with Dylan. But as more Talents are imprisoned by the government, everyone’s looking for a leader. Some look to Joss, some to Marco whose new criminal plan threatens Joss’s family and friends. Joss wants to stand up to Marco, but Dylan’s protective instincts are putting him in harm’s way. Can Joss find a way to embrace both the boy and her hero within?
a longer version...
In the world of the Talents, kids with supernatural powers are condemned to government research facilities from which they do not return. For a Talent, the most important thing is keeping the secret…
--Six weeks ago, Dylan Maxwell slugged it out with his best friend. Over a girl.
But Marco had it coming. After all, it looked like he was going to use his supernatural strength to kill Joss Marshall. That should have been the end of it, but Marco’s got bigger plans for crime in Fairview than Dylan ever understood. This time he’s going after the town’s merchants with a crime wave that threatens Joss’s family’s business and all the Talents’ secrets.
--Six weeks ago, Joss Marshall was alone.
Now there’s Dylan. It’s not always comfortable being just friends with the guy she’s had a crush on forever. And the more she learns about the boy with the easy smile, who always seems to know what to say, the more she learns how much they have in common. He’s so much more than she understood, and so much more than she could stand to lose.
That was then, this is now.
And now, everything changes.

review plateJoss is a kick ass character that gained a lot respect from readers with nature leaders and heroine persona that was revealed Hush Money.  Hereos ‘til Curfew offers the same action packed and powerful read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. As the romance between Joss and Dylan accelerates in this book readers will relish in the developments that were lacking in Hush Money. As their love continues to grow Joss and Dylan will find that their lists of enemies are growing quickly. As desperate times call for desperate measures they will find themselves closer to be discovering discovered than ever before. Now they will have to decide if they have the power to be on the offensive and protect themselves. The ending of Heroes ‘til Curfew will wrap up the story we began in Hush Money, as well as, set building blocks for more.


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