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Review: Charming by Susie Kaye Lopez


Title: Charming

By: Susie Kaye Lopez

Self Published October 29th, 2010

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

four stars

About the book:

Three psychics in two countries with the same message can’t be wrong, can they? Sophie Lancaster is about to find out.
Going off to college is stressful enough without throwing in the revelation that someone has been watching you your entire life. This is Sophie’s reality when she is informed that her soul mate from a former lifetime is by her side. A practical skeptic when it comes to love, Sophie refuses to believe this could be true. However, as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, she finds it is becoming impossible to deny.
It is not until Sophie meets her soul mate in a dream and recognizes him immediately that she surrenders to the truth. He is the boy she has been sketching her entire life, the one she calls Charming. Suddenly in the midst of her own fairytale, Sophie soon finds herself in an impossible love that she’d do anything to keep. But are the soul mates destined to live their life together only in dreams?

review plateCharming was a chore to judge. I almost seemed like the first and second half of this novel was from a different writer. In the first couple novels I was excited and ready to go. The mystery accompanying Sophie’s special friend was  exciting and intriguing, but it soon seems to stall. Through out the middle, the story fell into a casual life for Sophie. While I think that this was an important addition to the story I just feel that the amount of time spent here could lose readers confidence in the story. Although, as I made it into the second half of the story my confidence was reassured when the story began accelerating through the remainder of the story. In the end I settled on a four star rating due to the powerful and lovable ending, but I was recommend this story with a warning to anticipate a slow middle. In the end Charming is worth the wait, but it will take a bit of endurance to overcome.


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