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Wednesday, August 3

Guest Post with Mary Ting

I just had the pleasure of reading Crossroads by Mary Ting. This is another thrill ride with the Angel twist. I was honored to have a guest post by this talented author, and share some of her thoughts. Crossroads is a young adult paranormal romance about a young girl that falls in love with an angel.  Her novel was just launched on the first by World Castle Publishing, and I have listed the book cover and description below. There are also links to where you can pick up your own copy.

Crossroads Synopsis:

On the same night of her friend’s tragic death, Claudia Emerson encounters another world, Crossroads, through her dream. There, she learns about a mix breed of angels and humans, who possess supernatural powers. Among those with these powers, lies evil, known as the fallen. Mystified by her ability to enter this place called Crossroads, certain that the fallen will be after her, she is assigned a guardian angel named Michael. Aden, the fallen leader, is convinced that Claudia holds the key to help destroy Crossroads. Her dream becomes a nightmare as more secrets are revealed, about who she really is, and the true identities of the people she loves most.

Amazon kindle:
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mary ting

Some Thoughts from Mary Ting

I started writing Crossroads after my grandmother passed away about 3 years ago. When these characters came to life in my mind, along with the character Gamma, inspired by my grandmother, it was a way for me to heal. I decided to start from a dream I had in high school, chapter one. Chapter two is also based on my dream as well. I didn’t think I would have much to write about, but when I made Claudia to be more like me, it was easy. Her first car, her first job, her first experience at camping and her grandmother having a stroke was all part of me. Too bad Michael wasn’t real…lol!!!

Many people like Davin, which I’m really happy about because his character was inspired by my friend who passed away. He was very likable and was a best friend to all his friends. Patty is my friend from church. She is exactly how I described her, social butterfly who knows everything about her friends and fashion. I named Claudia after a student I once had many years ago. I can still picture her face, just like an angel. When I was much younger, I had a crush on a boy name Michael, but his character is based off my husband, protective, romantic, and silly at times. No… he doesn’t have wings…lol!!!

Though I was busy with work, being a wife, a mother, and PTA president, I would always find time to write, even if that meant typing while I was cooking or brushing my teeth. Crossroads was written for a fast, fun reading with likable characters. Many have emailed me to let me know how Crossroads has helped them escaped from their everyday stress. Also, how they’ve connected to this book because of chapter one, having a loved one passed away from a drunk driver.I took on a journey not knowing how rewarding it would be for me. I’ve meet so many wonderful people from all over the world through facebook, goodreads and blog sites. I’ve made everlasting friendship where friendship knows no boundaries. And I have to thank my grandmother who continues to watch over me from Heaven.



Mary has also been generous enough to offer a giveaway for Crossroads. She is offering your choice paperback or ebook for the winner. Winners will be selected on August 31st at 11:59pm. If you are interested please comment below.

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1 comment:

Luna said...

I just finished reading The Book Whisperer. I feel like such a lame teacher for waiting so long to read it. Wow! I am totally on board for this challenge. I am going to my school tomorrow to begin setting things up and I already have plans for the first day of school and what I will do with reading based on the book. I have even made plans with other teachers to meet this weekend to plan out how to get started so that I can begin to let go of some of my out of date practices so that I too can build lifelong readers.

One of the big challenges for me is to add children's literature and young adult titles to my own pleasure reading. I've been reading Cutting for Stone and now I'm reading We Need to Talk About Kevin. I started Flipped during the summer, but I haven't given it as much time as my own reading. I am planning to try to read a book a week too, because without book knowledge I won't be able to recommend titles to my kids in class.

I'm really excited to begin this journey and I'd love to add Crossroads to my library. I get books in my reader through iTunes, but Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places to be. As it turns out, I can't get The Outsiders for my daughter on her Nook, unless I want the Spark Notes and that's not even an option. I want her to read it for her own pleasure and then it will be another book we can discuss. This is a common practice for us at home. I love to read and I love your recommendations for books. I hope to add more to your blog as I expand my own reading. Thanks for sharing your expertise.