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Saturday, August 6

Driving Me Crazy

I just hate it when you find a book you wanna read so bad, and you can’t find it anywhere. So, here let me share it will you, so you can suffer too! LOL! Dr. Suess doesn’t have anything on me. Anyway, back to the point. The books I am desperately wanting, and can’t seem to find.

the reaping The Reaping of Norah Bentley by Eva Truesdale

Norah Bentley should be dead. She should have drowned in the Atlantic Ocean the day she followed those strange ghost lights into the stormy waves.
It was her time to go, and nobody knows that better than Eli. As the grim reaper assigned to reap her soul, Eli knew this day was coming. But like with all the souls he's assigned, he's spent months getting to know Norah from a distance, catching glimpses of her life and memories of the small North Carolina town she grew up in-and he's been falling in love with her in the process. So, he won't be reaping her soul any time soon. That's the good news.
The bad news is that Eli's boss doesn't exactly approve of their relationship. So now Norah's got death omens following her wherever she goes-from giant hellhounds to screaming banshees-and it's starting to freak her out a bit. Eli is the only one who seems to be able to chase them away, and she's more than happy to have an excuse to keep him close by.
That proves tricky, however, since the Afterworlds and all the other souls assigned to Eli are still calling to him and making his extended vacation on earth difficult. Then Norah discovers the other consequence that Eli conveniently forgot to mention: the eternity in Purgatory that his soul may be facing for saving hers. Because apparently, those guys who wrote the laws of the universe don't like to be messed with.
Now, to save Eli's soul, Norah will to have to face death itself-or risk living an eternity without him.



Descendant by Eva Truesdale

Alex is willing to sacrifice anything to save her sister. The problem? That sacrifice might spell bad news for the rest of the human race.
A close-encounter with a werewolf leaves Alex with a healthy dose of
the creature's toxin flowing through her blood-which should make the
next full moon interesting. And it does. Just not in the way she was
expecting. Because the full-moon comes and goes, but it doesn't bring
the expected gruesome transformations or beastly urges with it. During
her search for the reason behind her insistent humanity, Alex starts
to unravel a past that threatens to make her future very complicated.
The complications don't waste any time starting, either. While Alex is
trying to deal with the mysterious death of her father, a
too-hot-for-his-own-good werewolf that possibly wants to kill her, and
the fact that she herself may never have been human to begin with, her
little sister Lora is taken. During her fight to get her back, Alex
learns of the magic, binding pact that prevents lycans (the creature
from which werewolves originate) from harming humans. It was invoked
centuries ago, in a desperate last-ditch effort to curb the bloody
relations between the two races. As the descendant of the one who
created the pact, Alex is the only one capable of severing it.
Something she would never even think about doing. Or at least, she
wouldn't have thought about it-until she realizes the cost of not
doing so may be her little sister's life.(less

Aren’t they beautiful, and don’t they sound awesome.. Tell what books you are craving, but can’t get a hold of!



Cecilia said...

I´ve seen a few on your blog I want to read but can´t buy where I live. Typical!! but I can´t recall the titles at the moment :P

~The Book Pixie said...

Both these books do look and sound amazing. Amazon has them both available for kindle for only $0.99. Now that I hve a kindle I'll def be adding them to my wishlist.