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Book Tour for Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens

Seeing as how I had already reviewed Overprotected when I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reading copy. If you have not had the chance to check out this review view it here. When I was asked to participate in this book tour I knew I would have to come up with something new. What better way to dedicate a post about the author herself. Jennifer Laurens is indie author that has made quite a name for herself. With works such as Nailed, Magic Hands, A Season of Eden, and the Heavenly series; she has proved to be quite the talented author. When I decided to dedicate this blog post to her I asked if she would like to have a guest post on my blog. That being said I do not like to filter my author friends, and I want them to feel they have a open door when I ask them to post with me. Jennifer Laurens surprised me when she took this task in elegent stride, and created an awesome and educational post about her and the choices she makes as an author. Take a look at what she had to share, and the open book that this author was willing to be to us all!

Why I’m going at a writing career as an indie author

Being published today isn’t like it was 10 years ago when I first started querying agents. Even ten years ago I had an ice cube’s shot in hell at being picked up. Now, most ice cubes will melt en route. Somewhere between rejection number 275 and my faltering belief in ability, I decided to take my career into my own hands.

Yes, I had two agents and yes they spent 2 years trying to sell my project ( at the time it was Magic Hands that got me in the door ) but neither succeeded. ( Magic Hands is one of my most popular titles. Hmm. )
Like Ashlyn in Overprotected I’m an only child. Maybe it’s the only-child mentality that has always been a part of me that made me say, “I’m doing this myself.” Because that’s what I’ve always had to do—no siblings or parents tread the path before me to make my way easier.

Now, 11 years later I’m completely convinced being an indie author has been the  best decision for me. I’m a control freak, I’ll admit it. Being indie has enabled me to learn the publishing business and book production business from story conception to book production and I LOVE it. Each step has taught me layers and layers I would never have learned without my own sweat and tears and yes, even blood, (when I’m nervous I pick at my fingers, they bleed on the keyboard! ) about how to get a book out there.

I could write pages on every aspect of the process, but that’s for other blog posts. The point is I’ve forged my own path. Every step I’ve taken I own. Every reader I’ve met or gained is from something I’ve done to get my books out there, not the result of a marketing team, a huge publishing house, or someone somewhere who owns my rights. Yes, that’d be awesome to have a “turbo-ized” experience like that, but, if you’re a writer and it doesn’t happen don’t despair. Make your own path.

Anything is possible. I sold the rights to Heavenly myself to Russia, Turkey, Indonesia and Brazil and I’m negotiating with other countries. No agent, just me. One of my books inspired an indie film maker to make it into a film. This isn’t a bragging post, it’s an educational post to let other aspiring authors understand that there are other legitimate and lucrative ways to make your career happen other than waiting for a nod from a handful of people in NYC.

The publishing industry is changing. Book selling is changing. Just like the music and film industry the opportunity for indies is flourishing. If you’re a self-starter and have passion for your work, don’t give up. Don’t let someone else tell you what’s right for you, discover whatever that is yourself.
I had no idea that when I was obsessed with writing, I was “stock piling” my work for 2011 when I’d be able to put every book out there in “e” format and enjoy a fabulous spike in earnings. I just wrote, and wrote and wrote. And created, and created, and created.


Nothing will test your creative will power and endurance like forging your own career in this business. And few things compare with meeting readers whose lives you’ve touched, changed and enriched by your words.
Words they may never read if you’re waiting for that NYC nod.
I sign my blog posts: read and let read because I have an aversion to reviews. I don’t read them. Every person on this planet is an individual with their own opinion and what appeals to one may not appeal to another. ) So I sign: read and let read. Enough said.  As I write this guest post, I think another thought is worth internalizing:
Write and let write.                        

Jennifer Laurens

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your struggles and accomplishments with us. You are a very talented women, and I have a heightened respect for your work knowing that everything you have you have most definitely earned with your blood, sweat, and tears. I hope that bloggers such as myself, and this book tour  earns you even more of the attention you deserve. Thank you for your time and dedication that has given us some more wonderful books to enjoy. Check out the next stop on the Overprotected blog tour at  Reading Angel .

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Good Luck!

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Vivien said...

Thank you very much for sharing. It a tough world, but I'm glad she persevered.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

jenniferlaurens said...

Thanks for reading, reviewing and hosting this interview. x x Jennifer

Unknown said...

i am so happy you didnt give up!!
All the book reviews ive read for your books have been positive, so it would of been a great loss.


kristina shields said...

This book sounds sooo good. I have read many excerpts from it and the book sounds really good! :)

latishajean said...

Thank you so much for sharing following the blog tour!

Janae's Book Obsession said...

I love that Jennifer is working so incredibly hard at making her own dream come true! What an inspiration!

Unknown said...


What an inspiring post! I love that you didn't take 'no' for an answer and forged your own path.

Read and let read, write and let write... great reminders that there is an audience out there for every book. What really matters is being true to what makes you happy.

Congrats on your success. Keep up the good work, inspiring others to work hard and never give up!

Cyndi Tefft