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Guest Post by Jools Sinclair

 A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of reading one of the best self published novels that I have come across. 44 by Jools Sinclair is a creative and captivating read that had my undivided attention from the start. Jools was interested in a creating a little something to share about this novel, and I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to share it. I want authors to share what they want, so I asked Jools to tell us anything she wanted to share. It was quite intriguing check it out below.

From the Mind of Jools Sinclair44

When I was a kid, my grandfather was rushed to the hospital immediately after his aorta burst open, and his chances for survival were slim. In fact, his doctors later told him that most patients die within 6 minutes of such a rupture. But he didn’t, and lived to tell the tale.

And what a strange tale it was.

He insisted that he had seen his entire surgery from above, listening in on the doctors’ conversations as they frantically tried to save his life. He told us that he watched, without any sort of pain, as the doctors plunged silver instruments into his flesh, and felt at peace when the room went into chaos after he flatlined.

For years after that event, I was fascinated with stories about near death experiences. I went to the library and bookstores and read all I could about them. By the time I graduated high school, I was probably an expert to some degree. I just loved reading about people visiting “the other side,” and then returning with their stories.

And sure enough, all these years later, this fascination crept into my book, 44, with my main character Abby Craig being declared dead after drowning in lake, and then being brought back to life by doctors. (I did change something, though. Abby’s near death experience isn’t filled with tunnels and white light and happy reunions with dead family members.)

But looking back, the strange thing is that I hadn’t thought about my grandfather’s near death experience in years. As I sat down to write 44, I was focused on other things: A girl struggling to put her life back together, sisters needing each other, and the different locations around the small city of Bend, Oregon. I wasn’t thinking about my grandfather at all, or all those other stories I’d read about years ago. But I guess it didn’t mean those memories weren’t there waiting, bubbling around in my subconscious, hoping for an opportunity to be brought up to the page.

Writing is full of these unexpected surprises. Even if the subject matter seems very straightforward, very clear cut, there’s always so much more behind it. Emotions, experiences, memories, dreams. All of it goes into writing. But sometimes, you only recognize these things until later.

Thank you Jools for sharing this experience with my followers. It has been a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to seeing what more you have for us in the future.

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