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Review: Vampire Crush by A.M. Robsinon

Title: Vampire Crush
By A.M Robinson
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Harper Teen (December 28th, 2010)
My Copy: Review Copy per Publisher
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About the Book:
Sophie is a budding journalist, hoping to be chosen editor in chief of the school newspaper. Though she is assigned fluff pieces like profiling the new students, Sophie would rather write edgy investigative news stories. When it becomes apparent that there’s something weird, even cultlike, about the new students she is supposed to interview, Sophie digs deeper. She discovers that the new transfers, led by the immediately popular Vlad, are really vampires. The clan has moved to town to find a mysterious girl with a star-shaped birthmark, rumored to belong to an ancient and desired vampire bloodline. Clearly, Sophie cannot write about what she has discovered (who would believe her?), yet she must stop Vlad. After she calls upon her childhood neighbor, James, the two attempt to defeat the vamps.

Vampire Crush was a very cute innocent romance wrapped in a vampire storyline. Sophie is your average girl with not much interest in fashion or friends. Her one of very few friends has been gone for a couple years, but she still finds herself thinking of him often. When he mysteriously shows back up in his old house; Sophie is left with many unanswered questions. When answers begin unfolding they may be more than what Sophie wanted to know. Sophie is a very interesting character that I believe many young readers will relate. This is not that happy ending for the diva queen, but more that chance for the average girl to find a sweet love story. The vampire storyline was a very unique and interesting plot.  Although, the conclusion of Vampire Crush has left me with many questions. It appears as though this might be the beginning for a series, and I am anxious to see if there will be more for Sophie's journey.

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E.J. Stevens said...

I have heard some wonderful things about this book. Great review!
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