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Review: Forgotten by Melody Carlson


Title: Forgotten

By: Melody Carlson

Publisher: NavPress Books (2010)

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Reading Level: Young Adult Christian Fiction

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Struggling 17-year-old high school senior Adele has a secret . . . she's homeless. Adele enjoys being with the "nice kids" in the church youth group, but she has more in common with the young people who live on the streets. Which group of friends will she choose? And what's God's role in her life?

Reviews PlateIf you are not a believer or seeker of the Lord this may not particularly be the book for you. If you are a believer this is an awesome reminder of the power of the Lord, and if you are a seeker this is an awesome opportunity for you to be moved. It is a chance at beginning to understand the Lord, and where he might just fit into your life. Forgotten is actually in the young adult genre, but I feel that this is a read for any Christian. This is a excellent example to the younger generation of His Power, as well as, a look at the life of this incredible 17 year old that finds herself in a nightmare. Over night Adele is stranded no home, no money, and no mother. I find this story to be heartfelt and gut wrenching. As a parent I was overcome by some much emotion toward Adele and her mother. At times such as these, it is hard to sit back and believe that there is a plan. Our responsibility is to believe in God’s plan, and pray that he will look out for this young girl in her time of need. As if being stranded and alone was not enough, this story continues a downward spiral that leaves her without her job, her savings, and the vehicle she had resorted to sleeping in. I never thought that this story could get any worse, but it appears I was very very wrong. Not only did that story tremendously move me, but I found myself reflecting on the story and relating it to my own life. While I am not a seventeen year old, nor an I homeless I believe that out of this very complex story everyone will find a way to reflect on their relationship with our Lord and Savior. I believe that you will find yourself one step closer to fully understanding your relationship with the Lord.

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Nina said...

Great review! It sounds like it really leaves a impact when you read it. I believe and so this one is def. going to be added to my tbrlist. Thanx!