Thursday, September 16

Kiddy Korner Review: My Princess Bible by Andy Holmes

Title: My Princess Bible
Author: Andy Holmes Illustrator: Segey Eliseev
Publisher: Tyndale Books (September 2010)
Reading Level: Childrens Christian Book
BookWhisperer Rating: Five Star

My Princess Bible is based on the popular format of My Pajama Bible. The new board book combines princess-like art of women of the Bible with art more reflective of the modern-day princesses who will learn of biblical women.
My Princess Bible shares stories of 19 women of the Bible through a rhyming story and a short takeaway summary in prose. Each story ends with two lines that remind the reader of valuable character traits of a princess; the little princesses are even encouraged to recite the learning of the biblical princess using her name in the blank instead: “________ is God’s special princess; ________ is sad when she does something bad” (the takeaway from the story of Eve). This format helps children see biblical women as princesses who teach us about godly principles. It also helps reinforce that the little girl reader is special and seen as a princess because she is created by God. The final story (number 20) is taken from Psalm 139 and features the reader as the godly princess. It reminds the reader that princesses are daughters of the King and are loved by God. Little girls will love to read My Princess Bible over and over to learn about God’s princesses.(
My Princess Bible is a wonderful book that will allow your little princess to relate to many women of the Bible. Holmes has a incredibly unqiue story that allow young girls to learn women of the Bible, and how their stories relate to their own young lives. I love the emphasis it puts on the lesson of each of these women. With lessons including; loving your family, honesty, your love for the Lord, and the importance of the Lord in their lives this book is not only a enjoyment but a lesson guide for own young princesses.  Each lesson begins with "______ (enter childs name) is God's special princess." (page 3 My Princess Bible) Being the mother of a young "princess" I find this book to be an awesome way for children to view the Bible. Adding the concept of the each woman being a "Princess to the Lord" give children a fairytale feel, and will capture their interest for the story. With increased enjoyment my own experience has been repeative reading, I am thrilled to find with each revisit my young princess is actually grasping the concepts of the story, and thus learning the Bible more quickly. My opinion is this book is defintely a winner for Parents and Children alike. A great recommendation for anyone with their own princess. 

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Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I've never heard of this one. As a devout and orthodox Catholic, I think this is something my parents would live to give to my little cousins and such. Great review :)