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Review: Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

infinite days

Title: Infinite Days

By: Rebecca Maizel

Reading Level: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Copy: Librarything Early Reviewers

BookWhisperer Rating:

five stars

Book Description:

Throughout all my histories, I found no one I loved more than you…no one.”
Those were some of Rhode’s last words to me. The last time he would pronounce his love. The last time I would see his face.
It was the first time in 592 years I could take a breath. Lay in the sun. Taste.
Rhode sacrificed himself so I, Lenah Beaudonte, could be human again. So I could stop the blood lust.
I never expected to fall in love with someone else that wasn’t Rhode.
But Justin was…daring. Exciting. More beautiful than I could dream.
I never expected to be sixteen again…then again, I never expected my past to come back and haunt me…











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There is so much to say about this book I am uunsure of where to even start. The story line is truly original and will take all readers by surprise. Vampires are not the gorgeous loving heart felt creatures that we have learned to love in the literary paranormal rave. This novel give them a gruesome, dark, and terrifying personality that would once have been expected in a Vampire story. Unique as this story is I had no problem following it or feeling confused by the change in the Vampire persona.

Maizel is a very talented and creative writer that enthralled me with her examples to help the reader to understand and experience what it would have felt like to be the characters of her book. The first example I found this experience was her description of rain in the first fifty pages. “Tiny splashed hit my face, and I could feel the drops run down my cheeks, A Chill ran through my body. In my vampire state, I would have felt nothing but the drop hitting my body, like a body gone numb. I would have known I was drenched but would have felt nothing.” (pg 52 Infinite Days) I felt throughout the entire novel that this author was exceptionally talented in allowing her readers to physically, by comparison, understand what the character were truly feeling and experiencing. With this incredibly detailed writing it was easily to feel as though I was this character.

Even more astounding was delving into this book, and discovering myself to be so emotionally committed even though we no nothing of the past. Once the present situation is established in the first chapter the author then lead you through learning the story, and understanding the depth of the story through flashes and memories that would present their selves to the main character. Even more mystifying was the author’s ability to create a novel that was from page one was an emotional punch; with characters that the reader has not yet learned or had a chance to grow into loving.

The ending was a punch to the gut that left me speechless. All I can close in saying is that I hope somehow this storyline will continue, and that this is not a stand alone book. It has been quite sometime since I have finished a book, and wanted to cry my eyes out and this is definitely one to be added to that list. Don’t miss out on this one. Infinite Days is well worth the time spent reading, and for most will be a permanent on your shelves.

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