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BookWhisperer Review: Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan


Title: Accomplice

By: Eireann Corrigan

Publisher Scholastic Books (Released July 5th, 2010)

My Copy: Review Copy from Scholastic Books

Reading Level: Young Adult

BookWhisperer Rating:    3 button copy

Book Description:

They've gotten good grades - but that's not good enough. They've spent hours on community service - but that's not good enough. Finn and Chloe's advisor says that colleges have enough kids with good grades and perfect attendance, so Chloe decides they'll have to attract attention another way. She and Finn will stage Chloe's disappearance, and then, when CNN is on their doorstep and the nation is riveted, Finn will find and save her. It seems like the perfect plan - until things start to go wrong. Very wrong.

BookWhisperer Reviews copy How do two good kids end up in a story of kidnapping? That crazy answer to that would be when they want the chance at stardom and a ivy league future. This was a very intense story that will leave the readers questioning the characters through the last page. I was awestruck by the planning of this lie by minors, but what was even more astounding was the dedication that they carried to fulfill this plan in its entirety. I found myself on the edge of my seat with every unexpected twist and turn that this story took. In light of the self deserved drama of this story; I still found myself sympathizing with the characters for the situation they were living. This is the major lesson of what a lie can become, and that the right lie can change lives and ruin reputations. Be prepared to follow this gut wrenching journey were you quickly learn riding allow is just as stressful.

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