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Review: Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

silver borne

Title: Silver Borne

By: Patricia Briggs

Publisher: Ace Books (March 30, 2010)

Series: Mercedes Thompson Series (Book 5)

BookWhisperer Rating:

five stars

Book Description:

Coyote-shifting garage mechanic Mercedes Thompson, now mated to Adam, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, embarks on her exciting fifth dark fantasy adventure (after 2009's bestselling Bone Crossed). Three subplots—Mercy's attempt to return a magical book to a fae friend-of-a-friend, her difficulties integrating into Adam's pack, and her roommate Samuel's misery over being a lone Alpha—come together seamlessly, and excitement builds as Mercy and her loved ones go through ever more intense experiences, including a house fire, a suicide attempt, a death sentence, and a reunion between long-ago loves.

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OMG so unbelievably awesome!! There are not words to describe the absolute wonder of this book. Patricia Briggs is one talented and amazing author that I will be following for years to come. Silver Borne was to be a turning point novel from the start. With Iron Kissed being a novel full of decisions in which Mercy had to accept what she truly desired, and begin the process of healing to overcome the past and hardship that occurred in the previous novels, this novel was a turning point in which Briggs ability would truly be tested to see if she would be able to carry to momentum that has prevailed in the previous books. I have to say she passed this test with flying colors, and the momentum in this book supersedes any of the other novels.

Mercy was the same old awesome witty and daring character, but Silver Borne has presented the reader with another side to Mercy that is full of love and possession beyond your wildest dreams. The relationship between Mercy and Adam is at all time high, and is addicting to say that least. Devoted readers will be exceptionally ecstatic to know that there was more action in this book between these two wonderful characters than any of the other books. Secondly, just when we believed that the storm had cleared for our dear Samuel. Briggs drags us through yet another novel that will leave us questioning the future for our dear friend. Ultimately, Silver Borne was a constant test of characters, and you find that many are not what they seemed. Even though the Fae will primarily take center stage of this book there was some awesome action for the Pack that keep both stories running without giving one as much attention in this particular book.

Patricia Briggs created a masterpiece in Silver Borne. This is by far the best book in the series thus far, and I can not wait to see the story continue. If you have not been following this series, this is the time to get caught up and become a follower. I have no doubt that Briggs will not stop here, and we are definitely in for many more wild rides. I CAN’T WAIT!!

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