Thursday, April 29

New Feature on BookWhisperer

BookWhisperer is about to embark on a posting a new feature for the readers. We are goinauthors korner writing picg  to start an Authors Korner. Here you will find an introduction to all the new authors that BookWhisperer has the pleasure of meeting. This is my attempt to give the credit back to the authors. So much of what we post is about the books, and if it weren’t for the talented authors we would have none of this. So here is my way of declaring that I love the authors. If you are an author and would like to be posted here feel free to contact me. The contact is above; find my email there. I love each and every author that has the courage to publish a book. It takes a lot to put your works of art in others hands; knowing that there are people that might not like it. I don’t have that courage, and I commend you for yours.

For my readers, be on the lookout for these new posts. For starts I am working on a post for Ellen C Maze. She released her first novel November of last year. I have not had the pleasure of reading this novel yet, but don’t be concerned you will see a review so. Maze met with Magnolialand Entertainment’s Director Bradley Farris on 02/11/2010 regard movie rights. Ellen promises to keep us posted about the developments here.

Shortly, I will post the first Authors Korner, and am anxious for its regular appearance here at the BookWhisperer. Thank you for all those who follow me. Never in my life would I think this would be my hobby.

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Ellen Sallas, TAM said...

Awesome idea! Thank you from this side of the pen ;-)

Hugs, Ellen C Maze