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Kiddy Korner Reviews: Polly’s Pink Pajamas by Vivian French

pollys pink pajamas

Title: Polly’s Pink Pajamas

By: Vivian French   Illustrated by: Sue Heap

Reading Level: 4-8yrs of age

Publishers: Candlewick Press

Kiddy Korner Rating:

four stars


Book Description:

Polly adores her pink pajamas. She wears them all day long! But of course she can’t wear them to Fred’s party, so all her friends lend her something of theirs. Just as she’s ready to leave, Polly catches a look in the mirror — and somehow the too-short polka-dot dress and tiny checkered cardigan and the long striped socks don’t make the fashion statement she’d hoped for.

reviews plate copyThis is an adorable and quick read for youngster. My reading beginning loves reading this one alone and to her younger brother. While I don’t know that many other boys would enjoy reading this tale of a young girl and her love of her pink pajamas; I do think that this is an excellent books for young girls. The illustrations are so colorful that they will mesmerize the younger generations with the bold and bright colors.  This books is well worth the money, and it will be one of their favorites. My rating is a four stars, and I feel that I must explain. I love for my children’s books to have a lesson or moral to the story. Everyone loves a good quick read, but it is hard to find a book that is a wonderful and read and an excellent moral all wrapped into one. While this is a new favorite in my home it really lacks a moral/lesson, and we save the five rating for books that carry both.

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