Saturday, April 17

Kiddy Korner Review: The Shadow by Donna Diamond

the shadow

Title: The Shadow (Picture Book)

BookWhisperer Rating:

            one star

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This is a wordless book about a little girl and her fear of her shadow. Emphasizing that things can frighten you, but once you look closer it might be nothing at all. I feel that it is important to teach children lesson of not being scared of everything. Although, I greatly fear that the illustration of this book it a little too realistic; and vaguely scarier than was necessary. I also feel that the final page of the book portraying a monster under that bed was ludicrous.  Once the child had discovered that the fear was at her shadow; the book ends with a scary shadow looking out from under the bed. In my experience reading this book with my own child it literally scared her and she was looking to me for confirmation that nothing was under the bed. I have to reiterate that it was just a story. I don’t even know that I will be putting this book in the bookshelf for a later visit.

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