Thursday, April 8

Kiddy Korner Review: Quack by Phyllis Root


Title: Quack!

By: Phyllis Root                        Illustrated by:Holly Meade

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Level: Children’s Books Ages 4-8



Title Hop!

By Phyllis Root                      Illustrated by: Holly Meade

Publisher: Candlewick Press Books

Level: Children’s Books Ages 4-8



reviews plate copy These were adorable books that is very short and an easy read. My young reader enjoys books such as these because she can read without an assistance. While my two year old enjoys them because due to the repetitive sounds that helps him in learning words. Very simple story will little explanation needed. The illustration is very enjoyable for the adult and child detailed pictures allow for pointing out extras on each page. Short phrasing and easy words keep readers from getting bored between page changes. Definitely good for the age group listed, and younger.

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