Friday, February 12

Review: Possessed by Kate Cann


 Title: Possessed

By: Kate Cann

Publisher: Point Books (Released February 2010)

BookWhisperer Rating:

five stars


Book Description:

Rayne wants a complete break from her old life, from her possessive boyfriend and the claustrophobia of the inner-city estate she lives on. She lands a live-in job in the wildness of the country, at an ancient manor house called Morton’s Keep, where life is exhilarating, but terrifying too. There’s something sinister going on at the Keep – something to do with its history – but no one will talk to her about it. No one except her new group of friends, that is. They’re alluring and seductive …especially the group leader, the elegant St John.
Who can she trust to tell her the truth? She can sense something evil growing – but from where, from who? And how can she keep herself safe from it?
To me, the most frightening arena is inside the mind. I wanted to explore that, and the fear of the not-known, in this book. I wanted to look at what would happen when a town-girl is transplanted to a remote place where nights are pitch black and nature dominates. Rayne is deeply drawn to the woods, but she hears strange stories about them, and the mysterious fire people. She must fight to find out the truth, and be brave in facing up to who she really is ....
I loved writing Possessing Rayne – I got totally involved in it, so involved I went straight into the sequel, Fire and Rayne, which has just been published. Fire and Rayne goes deeper into the ancient curse that lies over Morton's Keep - things get even more terrifying. And Rayne and Ethan are very much thrown together .....

reviews plate copyPossessed  was originally released in the UK, but was released in the US this month. This was a very alluring book solely due to its awesome cover, but believe me that is just the beginning. This story is action packed, and full of mystery and suspense. One of my favorite aspects of this book is its setting. I was enthralled with the vocabulary and the setting of Morton’s Keep. I am not sure if this is an actual location that the author based the story on, but if so I would love to visit. Everything sound so incredibly beautiful and powerful it was be a must see. Rayne is a lovable character that I believe any reader would enjoy following. I was impressed by Cann’s ability to make character that are truly lovable, and slowly regress to a villian. This novel is filled with emotion and turmoil that will beg you to turn another page. This is one of the best books that I have read this year.

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