Wednesday, February 10

Kiddy Korner Review: What Color is Casesar by Maxine Kumin

what color is caesar

Title: What Color is Caesar?

By: Maxine Kumin Illustrated: Alison Friend

Reading Level: Childrens Book

BookWhisperer Rating: three stars

Book Description:

Caesar is a large white dog with a great many black spots. Or is he a large black dog with even more white spots? That’s the trouble: he doesn’t know which, and though nobody in the family seems to care, he won’t rest until he uncovers the truth. So off he traipses, beseeching one animal after another to find out what color he is, basically. From celebrated poet Maxine Kumin comes a doggedly quizzical hero, brought comically to life by Alison Friend’s expressive watercolors -- a lovable picture-book character who ultimately learns that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts.

reviews plate copy Cute tale of a dogs quest to discover what are his true colors. He soon finds that even though many others may be like him; they are all different inside. He finds that it is what is inside that defines you. This is a very good lesson for children, and while my daughter enjoyed the story it had a little difficulty keeping her attention. The best aspect of this book was the illustrations. Both of my children really liked the pictures, and wanted to stop to talk about them from page to page.

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