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Kiddy Korner Review: How the Nobble Was Finally Found by CK Williams and Stephen Gammell

how the nobble was finally found
Title: How the Nobble was Finally Found
By: CK Williams and Stephen Gammell
BookWhisperer Rating:
five stars

Book Description:
The Nobble lives in a world all his own--a fantastical world where you can do the impossible things of dreams. It's a nice life and all he's ever known. Yet one day he begins to think about finding some place he hasn't been yet. Or maybe seeing something he hasn't seen yet. Or . . . something. So he sets off on a journey to an unusual place, where he discovers roary things, fuzzy things, and tall, shiny, rectangular things. Then a door knocks. If only he knew what a door was . . .
C. K. Williams and Stephen Gammell's enchanting tale is about finding the courage to go out and search for what you want most in the world. And sometimes, that's a friend.
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I absolutely love this wacky and crazy story. I believe that creativity such as this allows children to open up their imagination. This story is about a Nobble that has never met another anyone. He decides to venture further than ever before in search of something or someone new. What he finds just might surprise him. Not only was this a truly awesome story its illustrations were incredible. My daughter and I share enthusiasm about this book and enjoyed every minute of it. Like a five year old I found myself anxious to turn the next page.
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