Wednesday, November 18

Waiting on Wednesday

Thanks to the Story Siren for Waiting on Wednesday. This is a wonderful opportunity to preview books we are anxiously awaiting. This weeks post is dedicated to a book that I came across today.

Title: Frozen Fire
By: Tim Bowler
Book Description:
When Dusty gets the strange phone call on a snowy winter's night, she knows she can't ignore it. The boy on the other end of the line says he's dying. That's bad enough - but the fact that he seems to know something about the disappearance of her brother, Josh, means that Dusty must find the boy no matter what.

But when she does finally meet him, there's something strange and haunting about him. He seems to be made of snow and fire, he can see people's thoughts, and feels everything - from chilling ice to white-hot pain...and he seems to have a hold over everyone he meets.

There's talk in the town - talk of the boy's past and his ability to hurt people. Lynch mobs are baying for blood. Dusty must help the boy and find out what happened to Josh. But when the mob turns on her, it is she, and not the boy, who is in the gravest danger...

Look for this to be released 01/07/2010 from Speak Publishing imprint of Penguin Group.


Nina said...

Okay, wow, this could be something for a movie. It sounds GREAT.

Here's mine:

INCiDeNT (Kayleigh) said...

My type of book! Will definitely be putting it on my TBR list.

Alyssa Kirk said...

Haven't heard of this. Looks awesome!

StephTheBookworm said...

Wow, that looks really great!!!