Monday, November 30

Review: The Wedding by Beth Fantaskey

Title: The Wedding
By: Beth Fantaskey
Genre: Young Adult
BookWhisperer Rating:

Description: Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside's Sequel Online Chapters of Jess and Lucian's Wedding.

I was a fortunate follower of Beth Fantaskey when she was have the contest and vote links for some of the various entries that were to be a part of this sequel. I am so sad that this will not be printed. I love Beth Fantaskey writing and ability to pull the reader into her stories. I love reading books by author that can detail emotions down to the letter allowing the author to have feel what the characters are experiencing in the story. A lot of The Wedding Chapters were primarily Jess, but Lucian steps up in the final chapters to satisify the craving. I anxious await and hope that somewhere down the line we will have more to this series. Not just any author can write a story with this much detail and produce a masterpiece, even in a short story, but Beth Fantaskey proves to have risen to the occasion. If you have read Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside it would be an utter sin to miss this short story.

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