Friday, November 27

Getting Close

Guess What…. I noticed today I am at 91 followers. When I reach 100 I will be having a gift_book giveaway. I started picking out books for the giveaway…..

A Couple Ideas:

Right now I have Never Cry Werewolf and Another Faust ARC to giveaway….

What do you think? And do you if you had a choice what book would you want to win right now?

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Ivana said...

wow, congrats on all your followers! You deserve it!
I know Another Faust will see some fierce competition, I sure can't wait to read it.
Keep up the good work and I wish you many more happy followers! :)

Ailsa said...

Ooh, that's great!
The Book Bundle is sitting on 50-something at the moment, but I'm hoping we can have a fun giveaway when we get to 100.

Out of those two books, I think I'd like to read Never Cry Werewolf - it sounds fun, and I really like the cover.

Jackie said...

I love finding people like myself who love to read. I would if had a choice love to win a copy of "Fallen" by Lauren Kate or copy of any of Jennifer Radin's books in her Jaz Parks series as have read lots of good book reviews on her and have none of her books....

Happy 100 Followers, you are sooooo close....

Jackie B Central Texas