Friday, November 27

Eclipse New Release Date

I just came across a blog post that shows Eclipse is coming out 06/30/2010. I can not believe I hadn’t hear this sooner.

So I had to go look it up, and yes we will be seeing Eclipse in just seven months…


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Ivana said...

That's fast. I think I'll like Eclipse best because there's lots of action..and the love story of Bella and Jacob.
Thanks for the heads up. I heard it's coming in fall 2010!

Ailsa said...

Yay! Going to see NM on Monday with the boyfriend, can't wait to see how they've adapted them to screen. I'm slightly more nervous about Eclipse - there are a lot of bits in there that I really like, hope they don't cut too many of my favourites.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I can't wait!