Saturday, October 24

Review: Bite Marks by Jennifer Rardin

Title: Bite Marks
By: Jennifer Rardin
Series: Jaz Parks
Type: Review Book from Orbit Books
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Book Synopsis:
Jaz is possessed. After biting the neck of a domyter during a forced visit to his territory, she now has unwelcome voices in her head. While fighting for supremacy in her own mind, she finds herself confronted with a near-impossible task: perform perfectly on her next mission or face the unemployment line.


My Review: Jennifer Rardin never disappoints and always leaves me craving more. In each new novel Rardin creates an intricate web of smaller stories that all mesh perfectly in the end to create all of the awesome Jaz Parks stories. After all of the major movements in the last book, this was what I call a turnaround book. The last book wrapped a lot of things up, so to continue this series this book consisted of several changes. Vahl and Jasamine are making quite the romance; the rendezvous are also short and few leaving us craving more. Otherwise, Cole's character seems to have changed the most detouring from mission Jaz to making a useful position on Vahl and Jaz's team. I expectionally liked his humor in this book for example," Jazzy's a pain in the a-ass. So glad she gave me the Pa-ass!" Vahl and Cole have seemed to have mutually settled into one anothers lifes making Coles actor less evasive and ultimately enjoyable. Rardin always saves the best for last I felt that this book was not measuring up the previous book until I started the second half. Almost immediately she redeemed herself and rose to the top where she belongs. The Jaz Parks Series is one of the best series out there, and once you have read one you will have to read them all.


Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

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Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Great review! I am going to have to get these books. They sound really, really good. I am hooked by your reviews, now I just have to find the time to get these books and read them with all the other wonderful books I have here. Thanks!

Sarbear said...

I haven't heard of these books -- they sound great. I'm going to read them now : ) Thanks for the review!