Friday, September 11

Review: Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

Once a Witch
Author: Carolyn MacCullough
Reading Level: Young Adult
Book Whisperer Rating: 4 Stars

Back Cover: Tamsin only wishes to be a normal girl. After having spent most of her life as the family blacksheep she is now moving forward. Attending a prep schools has also helped Tamsin construct was appears to be a semi normal life. Tamsin was supposed to be a witch of great power, but at the age of eight it was discovered she lacked a talent. Talents are the power that a witch gains at a certain age. It is then that a member is guided through initiation rites, and begins to truely learn how to be a witch. Only when Tamsin failed to gain a talent, she rejected the witch lifestyle and never learned the rules. On summer break Tamsin returns home to a summer of torture. When a strange strolls into town Tamsin finds a chance to finally fit in by agreeing to help them find what they have lost. Only with no talent this presents a problem, and what the strangers looking for turns out to be more than just a family heirloom.

Review: Once a Witch is a very fast paced story, and had my attention full invested by the second chapter. This was my first book by Carolyn MacCullough, and I really enjoyed her writing. The storyline was easy to follow, and the plot was strong. Although, I felt that characters were some what lacking, while I felt as though I knew the characters at moments they still seemed like strangers in the story. I still would without a doubt recommend Once a Witch it is excellent read. I hope to sequel in the future.

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Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I was waiting to see your review on this book. It sounds like a nice twist on the witch lifestyle. I really like the sounds of this.

Great review!