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Discussion Questions about Never Cry Werewolf (Blog with Bite)

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Q#1 - What do you think about stereotypical characters? Do characters like "Honey bun" - the evil stepmother & Shelby - the teen acting out, bother you, or are you accepting of them?

A#1 - I don't have a problem with stereotypes, eveyone knows what they mean and it immediately identifies a type of person. Unfortunately relationships with stepmothers and Shelby really exist, therefore I find it easy to accept them.

Q#2 - How did you feel about the immediate attraction and relationship between Shelby and Austin? Do you think it worked in this story or not?

A#2 - Unlike in many other stories that everyone can relate there is usually a reason for the relationship to be immediate. I felt that this was really thrown at the reader, and while I like the relationship and what we know of Austin and Shelby's characters I felt it was very brash.

Q#3 - What did you think about the attempts the camp staff made to connect with Shelby? Were they at all effective? Did the staff have a point in their position on her personal life?

A#3 - If felt that Shelby was trying to piece her life back together in a situation that was not easily allowing her the space to progress. I got the impress Davis was trying to lead the reader softly into a relationship of a stepmother that was not open to having Shelby in the picture. It seemed as though the author want a terrible relationship, but wrote it lightly making it seem less. So yes, to answer the question I think she did need help, and the staff had Shelby's best interest at heart. I also feel that she progressed while at camp, and started moving in the right direction to begin moving on.

Q#4 - What is your opinion on parents who send their kids to reformation camps - the ones who need to be "reformed" and the ones who don't?

A#4 - This could be a very "touchy" subject. I have my own beliefs when it comes to raising my children, but for most if you discipline your children when they are young you don't seem to have this much trouble when older. Now there are those special occasions where life causes a hiccup in the balance, such as loss and tragedy in a childs life, in this case I do believe that a camp such as what Shelby was at could be beneficial. Lastly, as for discipline and beating the mean out of your kids, like the desert camp, they call that a Military School.

Q#5 - Do you wish there would have been a bit more mystery regarding Austin being a werewolf, letting us get to know his character first and then the big reveal?

A#5 - I feel like the reader really misses out by not being able to learn more about Austin, or the fact that his character was MIA in a lot of the book. This is where I feel the length of the book, did not allow for the kind of character building necessary for an excellent book.

Q#6 - Do you think this novel has enough momentum for a sequel? There was some hinting at the possibility (the scratch), do you think this would be a good follow-up?
A#6 - I don't know.. Really I think the author did a good job for her first book, and I have read series that the first book was not all that, then a sequel went through the roof. Although, I can say that if there was a sequel I would definetly give it a try.

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