Tuesday, August 18

Review: A Map of the Known World by Lisa Ann Sandell

Lisa Ann Sandell allows her readers to experience life through the eyes of a young artist in her new release A Map of the Known World. Fourteen year old Cora recently lost her brother to a tragic car accident. She is not only getting ready to start high school, but she is about to embark into her brother past territory. While Nathan Bradley was disliked by many he had a best friend of which was also in the car the night of Nate accident. Cora's family find comfort in partially blaming Damian for the death of their son/brother due to is attendance at the time of the accident. Cora soon finds that world is not what it seems and when she looks deeper neither is the young Damian that may be hurting just as much as Cora and her family.
This book was very inspiring and uplifiting. Sandell created a story about loss and misunderstanding. She shows a family that has begun to self destruct after the loss of their son, and result is the suffering and neglect of the existing child. Sandell shows the reader tragedy and loss, and how to start over.

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