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Wednesday, May 20

Lead Me Not Promo Spotlight

In this dangerously sexy novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Find You in the Dark, a straight-laced college student meets a handsome but enigmatic stranger who lures her into an underground club scene, where she finds it difficult to resist temptation 

Aubrey Duncan understands loss. She knows what rock bottom looks like, and she is determined to crawl back up to the top after the sudden death of her younger sister. She blames herself for her part in the tragedy, convinced that she could have done something, anything, to help her.

In her effort to gain redemption, Aubrey starts fresh at Longwood University and facilitates an addiction support group, hoping she can support someone else in the way she failed her sister. But what she doesn’t count on is an all-consuming fascination with group member Maxx Demelo, a gorgeous, blond, blue-eyed enigma who hides dark secrets behind a carefully constructed mask. He only reveals what he wants others to see. But Aubrey glimpses another Maxx hidden below the surface—a Maxx who is drowning in his own personal hell.

As Aubrey and Maxx develop an attraction too intense to ignore, he pulls her into the dark underbelly of the city club scene, where she is torn by her desire to save him and an inexplicable urge to join him in his downward spiral. Worst of all, she is beginning to love everything she should run away from—a man who threatens to ignite in her a fire that could burn her alive…



I stared harder at the picture, uncomfortable with the odd sense of familiarity I felt. Looking at the woman's graceful yet agonized form, I felt as though I should recognize her.

Bothered by my increasing disquiet, I stood up and walked closer. This was not your typical campus painting of daffodils and laughing students. I had seen this particular kind of art several times before. I leaned in to try to see the details in the poor lighting. And there it was- the tiny patterns on the woman's dress composed of dozens of Xs.

I didn't notice any numbers or words in this picture, though, so I didn't understand what its intent was. It was my understanding that X's paintings held the clues to the location of the club, Compulsion. But this picture seemed to have nothing to do with that.

This was a painting created for some other purpose.

"So what do you think?"

I looked over my shoulder to find Maxx standing behind me. I turned back to the picture, not bothering to answer him. The truth was, my outburst in the group had left me feeling raw and vulnerable, and seeing him so soon after making a gigantic ass of myself was embarrassing.

As he came up beside me, the sleeves of our jackets brushed against each other. Maxx inclined his head toward the painting and asked me again, "Well, what do you think of it?"

I shrugged, not really in the mood for small talk. My pounding head couldn't handle a go-around with the group Romeo. I started to walk away from him when he grabbed hold of my arm.

"Wait, Aubrey. Please." It was that word that did it. Please. It was uttered softly and sincerely. And it held me as fast and surely as if he had put his arms around me.

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal romance including The Find You in the Dark and Bad Rep series as well as the upcoming stand alone romance, Reclaiming the Sand, and a dark new adult series for Gallery Books.

A. Meredith spent ten years as a counselor for at risk teens and children. First working at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault program and then later a program for children with severe emotional and mental health issues. Her former clients and their stories continue to influence every aspect of her writing.

When not writing (or being tortured with all manner of beauty products at the hand of her very imaginative and extremely girly daughter), she is eating chocolate, watching reality television that could rot your brain and reading a smutty novel or two.

A. Meredith is represented by Michelle Johnson with the Inklings Literary Agency.


Tuesday, May 19

Review: Falling for His Best Friend by Katee Robert

Title: Falling for His Best Friend
By: Katee Robert
Series: Out of Uniform #2
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
The BookWhisperer's Rating: 

Avery Yeung’s biological clock just went off early. Thanks to her family’s medical history, she’s running out of time to get knocked up. And the only guy within donating distance? Her overprotective—and irritatingly hot—best friend. So clearly she needs an anonymous donor…

Anonymous donor? Over Sheriff Drew Flannery’s dead body. While daddyhood will never be in the cards for a man with his past, Drew won’t let Avery shop for a “popsicle pop.” He’ll do what’s right for his best friend by doing his best friend. But only if they do it properly.

But there’s nothing “proper” about it. Between the bed, the kitchen counter, and against his squad car, Avery and Drew are having the hottest sex ever. They can’t get enough of it—or each other. And without knowing it, they’ve crossed the one line that could ruin their friendship forever…

ECCKKK! Best friends who turn into lovers are the best.

I loved the fact that Drew was dead set against Avery choosing anyone but him.  He has been there for Avery since they were young so why wouldn’t he be there for her now when she wants to have a baby?  And when he gets her to agree that he is the best option, some hot times ensue. 

Avery and Drew are great together as best friends and in-between the sheets but they find there is some awkwardness in that in-between frame when they aren’t being friends and aren’t being lovers.  Reading them struggle through this awkwardness was a delight because they tried to be so cool about it but just blundered through their interactions – it made me laugh. 

But things got real towards the end of the book when true feelings came out and apprehensions came forefront. Nothing seemed to work properly after this point and it seems that disappointment follows our two characters around like a black cloud.

Luckily, Drew’s brother steps up and tries to help mend Avery and Drew’s relationship before it crumbles to pieces.

Monday, May 18

Review: The Iron Queen by Kaitlin Bevis

Title: The Iron Queen
By: Kaitlin Bevis
Series: The Daughters of Zeus #3
My Copy: Amazon.com
The BookWhisperer's Rating:

His love could destroy their world.

Life is hell for Persephone. Zeus will stop at nothing to gain access to the living realm and the Underworld. As the only living god with a right to both, Persephone’s in trouble. Captured and tortured beyond the limits of her resolve, Persephone must find the power to stand against Zeus. But will she be strong enough?

Meanwhile, Hades contemplates desperate measures to rescue his queen. Persephone never thought of herself as dangerous, but there’s a reason gods never marry for love. A being with the power to destroy all of creation shouldn’t place more value in one individual than the rest of the planet. But Hades . . . Hades would break the world for her.

To save the world and stop both Hades and Zeus, Persephone must make a difficult choice. One that may cost her everything.

Before I dive deep into this review, I must first give out the warning that I read the second book so long ago that for the first quarter of the third book, this book, I had no idea what was going on.  Slowly things started to come back to me but I believe that because of this long pause, it took me a while to get into the groove of what was going on. So don’t let this happen to you!

The beginning starts off with a bang and continues as Persephone is captured by Zeus and held against her will while being torture to swear fealty to him.  And being that Hades has no idea where she is, what is happening to her, and cannot connect with her through their bond – he is going crazy. 

Hades kicks into action, trying to figure out the best way to save Persephone even if it will destroy the earth. Now that is love! 

But what I loved about this book is how strong Persephone becomes.  While being tortured, she refuses to give into Zeus.  She does everything in her power to get away from him and when the gods get together, she surprises them by standing up and taking charge.

On a side note, I thought this third book was the end of this series.  However, it left it slightly open for Bevis to write more.  I sure hope so because I have thoroughly enjoyed each book.

Friday, May 15

Release Day Blitz: The Violet Hour by Andrea L Wells

Title: The Violet Hour
Series: The Violet Hour #1
Author: Andrea L Wells
 Release Date: May 11, 2015


Still shocked over her mother’s mysterious death, California socialite Logan Keller is handed a one-way ticket to her long lost roots in Wyoming where love, deceit and danger await. Though she could forget everything staring into Luke Callahan’s eyes, Logan is quickly thrust into a fight for survival. Taking fate into her own hands, she begins unraveling the dangerous deceptions that abound at every turn. Her father is keeping secrets and Luke is keeping more. But Logan is keeping the biggest secret of them all.

The Violet Hour is a page-turning captivating twist of young romance and the supernatural.

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I sat up and pulled my knees in close to my chest.  Electricity flared in the air as Luke inhaled.
“You know, Logan, you’re not who I expected you to be,” he said, taking a long thought-filled pause.  “I thought the next twelve months were going to be hell living with a California socialite, but you’re pretty amazing.  I guess I owe you an apology.”
“So, it’s a good thing that I’m nothing like you expected?” I asked.
“It’s a really, really good thing.”
As I started to smile back he craned his neck to look away from me.  His eyes focused.  Something black flashed across the road but I was more scared by Luke’s reaction.  The warmth had vanished from Luke in a heartbeat.  The object stopped moving toward us when it got to an opening between the trees.  Even though I could feel Luke’s concern, I leaned forward toward the window, curious.  It was a wolf – a really big wolf, staring directly at us with bright green eyes.  It was close enough I could see quick breaths escape into the crisp rain-drenched air.  I was startled when the engine roared to life.  Luke threw the car into reverse, and I nearly slammed into the dash as the sound of gravel scattered everywhere.  He quickly jockeyed around and pulled back onto the road heading home.  I kept my eyes on the wolf until he was no longer in sight.
“Was that a wolf?” I asked.  Everything happened so quickly, I had to be sure.
“Yes,” he spit.
“I’ve never seen a wolf before – that thing was huge.”

Thursday, May 14

Review: The Ruin of the World by Nazarene Andrews

Title: The Ruin of the World
By: Nazarea Andrews
Series: The World Without End #4
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
The BookWhisperer's Rating: 

When the zombies rose, we thought the world ended.
It didn’t—it just broke, in a way we couldn’t fix. And we found ways to continue, reasons to fight.
Faith. Family. Politics. Obsession. The most dangerous of all—hope.
But when all of that is stripped away, and nothing remains but rage and betrayal—that is the true end of the world.

Return to the World Without End, for a final battle for hope and survival in the exciting conclusion to Nazarea Andrews’ phenomenal series.

Oh, it just happened…the series ended…and it was everything that I wanted and more (plus, I am also a little sad that it ended.) 

This series has been such an intense ride for the last year or so.  Every time that I finished a book, I would have this countdown to the next release.  I would re-play what I read in my head while going throughout my daily routine.  I would wonder what was going to happen in the next.  Basically, this series consumed me in a probably unhealthy way (but I don’t mind because it was amazing.) 

The last leg of this journey with Finn and Ren is more dangerous than the last three. This time, both are under the command of Omar and his plan is to go East – the side that has been structured off from the West for the last twenty years. 

I don’t want to say too much because who wants spoilers?! But I will say that things get real in this book.  Plots unfold, new people are introduced, old people get spotlighted, and Finn opens up (yes, you heard me, Finn shows some kind of emotion besides anger!!!) Also, those singular moments between Finn and Ren when they were alone were perfect and true to their characters. 

And I can’t end this review without talking about the very last chapter - such a perfect way to end this series.  An absolute brilliant plan on Andrews’s part.

Review: Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Title: Lifers
By: Jane Harvey-Berrick
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

After eight years in prison, twenty-four year old Jordan Kane is the man everyone loves to hate.

Forced to return to his hometown while on parole, Jordan soon learns that this small town hasn't changed since he was carted off to juvie all those years ago. He is the local pariah, shunned by everyone, including his own parents. But their hatred of him doesn't even come close to the loathing he feels every time he looks in the mirror.

Working odd jobs for the preacher lady, Jordan bides his time before he can leave this backwards town. But can distance erase the memories that haunt him? Trapped in the prison of his own mind Jordan wonders if the pain of living will ever subside?

Torrey Delaney is new in town and certainly doesn't behave in a way the locals believe a preacher’s daughter should. Her reputation for casual hook-ups and meaningless sex is the talk of the town. Add that to her budding friendship with the hardened ex-con handyman, and the good Reverend is less than thrilled with her estranged daughter’s path.

As friendship forms, is it possible for two damaged people who are afraid to love take their relationship to the next level? Can Torrey live with Jordan’s demons, and can Jordan break through Torrey's walls? With the disapproval of a small town weighing heavily on them, will they find their place in the world? Can they struggle against the odds, or will their world be viciously shattered?

Is love a life sentence?

Lifers is a story of consequence, and the journey that this young couple takes as a result. This story is much like a rock in a lake, and the millions of ripples that will spread from that one disturbance in the water. Jordan was just a dumb young kid. No one would have thought that one wrong decision would have lead to so much chaos. It takes a bit for readers to learn of Jordan's history, but from the start it is easy to empathize with his character. Torrey is wild and promiscuous, but it is also apparent that she harbors a genuine nature and wealth of compassion in her character. Ridden with her own scars, stemming from the absence of her Mother, she is on a journey into uncharted territory herself. Having made some bad decisions that resulted in her uprooting from Boston, and taking a time out to financially recover has her living with her Mother after many years apart. Her attempts to mend, or rather accept the past is proving a bit tedious. With her Mother's abandonment for her faith, and Torrey quite unsavory lifestyle they seem to endlessly find themselves at odds. Fate throws Torrey and Jordan on a crash course, and they both may learn a thing or two from one another. Torrey has a feisty personality, and her spit fire fly off the handle kind of tendencies may learn a thing or too about picking battles. While, Jordan will learn that while he is justified in missing and grieving the loss of his brother, as well as, his role in that particular situation; he also needs to make a decision on a future. He must find a way to forgive and more forward. This will proves quite an impossibility with everyone in this small nowhere town refusing to give him an ounce of peace. It is honestly quite depressing to see the rancor from this community. Jordan has paid the price in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of this community it is as though they expect for him to pay with his life. Even after eight years it is as though everyone has frozen in time. As if it was not enough for the towns people to place blame, but I was appalled by the role of his family in this story. It is unfathomable to me that a Mother and Father could act in such a manner toward their own child. This story will reach down deep, and stir up a heap of emotions. Torrey is the one bright spot in this terrible situation, but she will have her work cut out for her. Follow this romance through the trenches of hell as they try to overcomes an impossible past, and deliberate on what path you would have chosen.