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Title: Hopeful

By: Louise Bay

My Copy: Ebook for Review

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Four Books

Guys like Joel Wentworth weren't supposed to fall in love with girls like me. He could have had his pick of the girls on campus, but somehow the laws of nature were defied and we fell crazy in love.
For a short time, I thought it would be for infinity.
On July 10, 2006, immediately after graduation, Joel left for New York. And, despite him wanting me to go with him, I'd refused, unwilling to disappoint my parents and risk the judgment of my friends. I hadn’t seen him again. Never even spoke to him.
I've spent the last eight years working hard to put my career front and center in my life, dodging any personal complications. I have a strict no-dating policy. I've managed to piece together a reality that works for me.
Until now.
Now, Joel's coming back to London.
And I need to get over him before he gets over here.
Hopeful is a stand alone novel.

our thoughts

A romantic's dream!!!! This was my first experience with works by Louise Bay, and I am a definite fan. Hopeful is a raw and gritty love story. Joel and Ava's story inspires raw emotions that only a talented author can masterfully provoke. Joel is a private and humble character, and I was instantly in love with him unconditionally. Ava seems to be lacking much confidence, so this leaves her consistently disconcerted and uncertain in many aspects of her life. When these characters paths cross one another it cause an explosive of massive proportions. They are dynamite together, but with her own personal issues can their love survive the test of time. I was blown away by every brush of the hand and act forceful possession. Joel is an example of the perfectly created man, so be prepared for a new addition to the book boyfriend list. Through everything the love between these characters seems indestructible, but just when I thought that this was the purest version of loving unconditionally, life finally knocks them down. This is a HEA, and I am happy with the nice and tidy box the conclusion can be wrapped up in. I look forward to seeing more from Louise Bay in the future.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

jackie name plate

Title: Out of Control
By: Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green
Series: Untamed #2
My Copy: Ebook from Authors
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Three years have passed since Dare Wilde walked out of Reagan McKinley's life. Three years of radio silence. Three years of regrets.

But she’s not the same girl anymore. Now, at twenty-two, Reagan has big plans to change her life, and it all starts with a trip to Europe. Instead of heading into Harvard Law like her parents had planned, she’s crossed the ocean to follow her dreams in the art world. Her dreams. For once.

A chance meeting in Paris brings Reagan and Dare face-to-face again, but is it serendipity...or penance? A chasm of unspoken hurt stands between them, but they can’t fight the passion they have for each other. And now that she’s found Dare again—the one person in this world who makes her feel whole—she doesn’t want to let go. Problem is, she may not have a choice.

Two parts. One whole.

Together...they’re out of control.

You know that you are sucked into a series when you want to call your friends and say, “Sorry I can’t come hang out tonight, I have something more important to do,” and then hang up and start reading book number three.  That is what I feel like doing right now. 

Reese and Green’s characters Dare and Reagan have captured my heart even more.  I know that they are perfect together, the whole world knows that they are perfect together (minus the McKinleys,) but fate keeps intervening.   I hate fate in this book!  This series keeps building on the intensity of Dare and Reagan’s relationship and it is just so real and natural.  What I mean by that is I can see two people, coming from different backgrounds, struggling to fight for their love with each other when outside forces are tearing them apart.  After Reagan denies knowing Dare at the end of the first book, which she did to protect him, she knows that she is still madly in love with him, even after three years.  So when she finally runs across him in Paris, she wants nothing else but him.  However, Dare is very resistant to her arrival, and understandably so.  But you know that he still holds the same amount of love for her that he did in the past but it is that struggle he shows to not have his heart rip out again that makes this book so real. 

Oh, what a rollercoaster of emotions this book is but it is worth every gasp.

This part was pure gold to me; it actually took my breath away:
“I stared at Dare, tears in my eyes, and held up two fingers.  Two parts. He held up one finger. One whole.”

Bloody fantastic!

Thursday, July 17

Title: Alex
By: Sawyer Bennett
Series: Cold Fury Hockey #1
My Copy:
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Hockey star Alexander Crossman has a reputation as a cold-hearted player on and off the rink. Pushed into the sport by an alcoholic father, Alex isn’t afraid to give fans the proverbial middle finger, relishing his role as the MVP they love to hate. Management, however, isn’t so amused. Now Alex has a choice: fix his public image through community service or ride the bench. But Alex refuses to be molded into the Carolina Cold Fury poster boy . . . not even by a tempting redhead with killer curves.

As a social worker, Sutton Price is accustomed to difficult people—like Alex, who’s been assigned to help her create a drug-abuse awareness program for at-risk youth as part of the team’s effort to clean up his image. What she doesn’t expect is the arrogant smirk from his perfect lips to stir her most heated fantasies. But Sutton isn’t one to cross professional boundaries—and besides, Alex doesn’t do relationships . . . or does he? The more she sees behind Alex’s bad-boy fa├žade, the more Sutton craves the man she uncovers.

So good!  I can’t believe how addicted I became to this book within a matter of just pages into it.  Alex is the biggest jerk in the beginning and I thought that there was no way that I was going to like him at all in this book but Bennett turned it around.  When Alex meets up with Sutton, there was just something about them together that makes this world spins.  I couldn’t tear myself away from this book. 

It was great to see the character development in this book for Alex, Sutton, and other secondary characters.  It was also great to see how much these two characters needed each other; I mean they are perfect together.  But I will say that while I was reading, I was always a feared that Alex was going to do something and revert back to his jerky side.  Each page turn, I cringed because I was just waiting for the other show to drop. 

And this is a series!  Woo hoo! I can’t wait to read more!

Monday, July 14

Title: Undertow
By: S.M. Stelmack
Series: The Undercity Chronicles #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Lindsay Sterling’s niece has gone missing in the New York underground and the cops do nothing except pass along a name. Jack Cole. Twenty years ago they were good buddies but horrors have changed them both. Lindsay lost her entire family except for her niece in a car accident, and Jack was held captive in New York’s underbelly for nearly two years by demented sub-humans. It was a soul-sucking experience that’s left him a shell of a man. He refuses to descend into that hell again, especially for a girl who’s probably dead anyway. But when Lindsay is nearly killed there after going it alone, Jack feels compelled to save her skin. Jack navigates Lindsay through a strange territory, populated with the eccentric, the insane and the desperate. Each encounter takes them closer to Lindsay’s niece but also closer into the clutches of the mad creatures that will enslave them.

Undertow is fresh and inventive. Nothing like anything I have ever read before this story line is a bit scary, but yet a thrilling adventure. Lacking a bit of detail I am unable to give a full background, but it was not hinder to the story as a whole. This world of upper and lower reminds me a bit of the television series Beauty and the Beast. Various colonies of people living underground for safety or protection from the upper world, but yet deep in the catacombs are something much darker, and more sinister than anything we could encounter above ground. It was not clear on why they build these tunnels or the supporting history for this particular story, but as I said earlier this did not hinder the story as a whole just left some gray areas that could use a bit more tweaking. Overall, this was a great debut and creative new direction. I am impressed by the imagination required to build such a story, and I am left intrigued as to what else these authors are capable of.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

Sunday, July 13

Title: The Promise
By: Kristen Ashley
Series: The 'Burg #5
My Copy:
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Since his brother’s death, Benny Bianchi has been nursing his grudge against the woman he thinks led to his brother’s downfall. He does this to bury the feelings he has for Francesca Concetti, his brother’s girl. But when Frankie takes a bullet while on the run with Benny’s cousin’s woman, Benny has to face those feelings.

The problem is Frankie has decided she’s paid her penance. Penance she didn’t deserve to pay. She’s done with Benny and the Bianchi family. She’s starting a new life away from Chicago and her heartbreaking history.

Benny has decided differently.

But Frankie has more demons she’s battling. Demons Benny wants to help her face. But life has landed so many hard knocks on Frankie she’s terrified of believing in the promise of Benny Bianchi and the good life he’s offering.

Frankie’s new life leads her to The ‘Burg, where Benny has ties, and she finds she not only hasn’t succeeded in getting away, she’s doesn’t want to.

There is a reason why I love Kristen Ashley and it is because she writes books like this.  We finally get to read Benny and Frankie’s story and I loved every bit of it.

So in order not to give anything away since the book is so new, I am just going to list out what I loved about this book.  Let the list begin:

1.) What I found surprise is that there was more to this plot than just passion and danger; this book was filled with truth, forgiveness, friendship, family, and love. 

2.) Talk about alpha male at your finest!  Benny was in charge this entire book, he never took crap, and it was hot. 

3.) Benny’s love for Frankie.

4.) Frankie’s love for Benny.

5.) Benny and Frankie’s love is not always easy.  There are bumps. 

6.) We got to read more about Cal (Joe) and Vi and their family!!!! Score! I absolutely loved their story and love their comeback in this book.  In this book, their story wraps up!

I am sad to hear that the next ‘Burg book will be the last of the series.  I don’t want this to end just like I didn’t want the series Rock Chicks to end but I feel like KA will keep on bringing us amazing stories with wonderful women and sexy men.

Friday, July 11

By: Robin York
Caroline & West #2

Caroline still dreams about West. His warm skin, his taut muscles, his hand sliding down her stomach. Then she wakes up and she’s back to reality: West is gone. And before he left, he broke her heart.

Then, out of the blue, West calls in crisis. A tragedy has hit his family—a family that’s already a fractured mess. Caroline knows what she has to do. Without discussion, without stopping to think, she’s on a plane, flying to his side to support him in any way he needs.

They’re together again, but things are totally different. West looks edgy, angry at the world. Caroline doesn’t fit in. She should be back in Iowa, finalizing her civil suit against the ex-boyfriend who posted their explicit pictures on a revenge porn website. But here she is. Deeply into West, wrapped up in him, in love with him. Still

They fought the odds once. Losing each other was hard. But finding their way back to each other couldn’t be harder.

As if Deeper didn't just blow everyone mind here we go yet again. Harder proved to be just about everything that I hoped for and more. Caroline and West continue their adventure in love. With every obstacle and reward this roller coaster includes the exact same thrilling and captivating story line that absorbed me into the debut. The heartache at the conclusion of Deeper was nothing compared to the punch that Harder has hidden in it's pages. This roller coaster is complete with it's twists and turns, occasionally throwing you in reverse, only to spin and continue full speed ahead faster than ever before. The complexity and detail creates a story that could virtually run on reel. Not a moment of this story leaves you perplexed or uncertain, because the details are so complete readers will know the characters inside and out. Robin York is amazingly talented, and one of my favorites. This series has been an absolute pleasure, and always leaves me ready for more. The Carolyn and West series is one that will walk you through the innocent start of falling in love, and carry you through dark and damaged side of unstoppable devotion and true love no matter the cost. Harder is powerful and intense leaving me question the validity in saying that it is entertaining; I think overpowering and consumed would be far better description of the story that I just had the pleasure of reading and experiencing. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~
So last, but not least this is one of my favorite things to do. Posting a dream cast is great, because I really get the chance to see how the authors image of their own characters differ from what I have gathered reading the story. Check out Robin York's picks below. 

Dream Cast for Harder

Hello! Thanks for inviting me to share my dream cast for Harder, the second (and last) book in my two-novel Caroline and West series.

First up, I picked Nicholas Hoult for the novel’s hero, West. Hoult can look a lot of different ways depending on how his hair is, how he’s dressed, etc., and not all of them remind me of West, but he’s got the eyebrows and the interesting face, and he’s very West-like in these photos:

And who’s a better heroine for Hoult than Teresa Palmer? No one, that’s what I say. But the Teresa Palmer who looks like my heroine, Caroline, isn’t the glamorous blond one. Caroline’s not even blond, actually. (I kind of doubt Palmer is, either.) The Palmer I love is the more natural, messy one, as in these pictures:

Perfect, right?

Now, just for fun, here’s our supporting cast. West’s best friend, Krishna, played by Rajiv Surendra:

And Caroline’s best friend, Bridget, played by this adorable redhead whose name I can’t find, but put her in track pants and she is perfect.

There you have it!